Today, lifestyles echoes the canons achieved. Emancipated by tradition, convention or doctrines, the present-day world order is modern-day lifestyle and only the superlative fits the bill.

An embodiment of quality and perfection in real estate business, Bali Landmarks is a professionally managed real estate company motivated by an inexorable yearning to outshine. In l960, under the penetration and governance of Mr. Phoolchand Parmar, Bali Landmarks began its expedition in the world of real estate industry.

At Bali Landmarks, we resolutely believe that there is no auxiliary for hard work and that perfection can only be accomplished through doggedness. We create your own chromatic style, which is unique for yourself and yet discernible for others.

We at Bali Landmarks offer vast spaces with a variety of unending facilities which brings different communities and families in "one world".

Bali Landmarks is an exosphere encompassing systems. It includes the organisers, the management, the projects, the clientele the co-operative aspirations and reveries targeting for perfection. We live in a world that endeavor for perfection.

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bali landmarks


Cluster Of Companies

  • Bali Landmarks LLP
  • Bali Designs LLP
  • Bali Realty LLP
  • Bali Edifices LLP
  • Bali Estates LLP
  • Bali Spaces LLP
  • Bali Engicons LLP
  • Bali Shelters LLP
  • Bali Developers LLP
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