The Chronicles Of Bali Landmarks


It's no twist of fate that the man who notoriously commented "God is in the details" was an architect by occupation.

Mr. Phoolchand Parmar, begetter and genesis of Bali Landmarks has finished assorted projects at various places in India and ultimately his ambitions brought him to the dream destination; that is Mumbai in 1960. Within the diminutive width of a year he anticipated great potential in construction business and that escorted him to commence his own venture.

From the self-effacing start the business he established flourished into a blossoming group. Over period of time his son, Vijay Parmar and then his grandson, Sushant Parmar joined the forces with him.

Although he has deceased from existence, he still plays the responsibility of a "SUTRADHAR", he still continues to be an unbounded source of inspiration and apparition to the present core management.

The father and son are now a foil to each other. The combination of legerdemain and savoir-faire opened up the new-fangled avenues for the spreading out.

In the history of the fruition of human being civilization is a chronicle of mankind's innate capability to build. We, at BALI LANDMARKS, proudly declare ourselves to be an element of that momentous bequest.

Our central driving force has been to put together buildings that would provide quality living to each echelon of the social order - at settings that are scrumptiously within the din and bustle of the city life, and within commutable distances.

We, at Bali Landmarks have always planned that we are, will and always be a full of zip member of the chubby, blissful family fashioned by us. It is in our interest to see that this family grows and grows in a healthy and happy manner. It is the concord of the assemblage that will perpetually be our Potency.

To become something more' is the clarion call that fuels the future we envision in the world of real estate.

Each brick breaks the ennui; each wall wears a beam; each corner carves a niche & each floor parades a style.